Spr+Gms+2012+406The RAVE currently offers the following sports: Aquatics, Track and Field, Bocce, Basketball, Bowling, Poly Hockey, Power Lifting, Tennis, and Softball.

There are also opportunities for participating in other sports outside of The RAVE.  For example some of our athletes have participated in Golf, Alpine Skiing, and Equestrian with nearby delegations.    Athletes who belong to other delegations often participate in sports with The RAVE.

The RAVE is always looking into the possibility of expansion; in fact Bocce, Tennis, Poly Hockey, and Power Lifting have been added within the last 5 years.

Adding additional sports requires some planning and added resources.  Some of the considerations for adding a sport:

  • Qualified head coach and assistant coaches
  • Facilities for practice
  • Equipment and uniforms
  • Team manager

Perhaps the most important element in adding a new sport is someone who can champion its cause and make sure that resources and planning are in place to adapt a new sport. The adoption of any new sport requires approval by The RAVE Local Sports Management Team (LSMT).

The Rave delegation – ARE12