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Participation in Special Olympics training is open to all persons with an intellectual disability and 8 years of age or older. This is regardless of the level of disability and whether that person also has physical disabilities, so long as that person registers to participate in Special Olympics and provides a doctor signed medical form before participating.  The athlete must reside in Rosemount, Apple Valley or Eagan or surrounding areas.

  • All Athletes must have an up-to-date medical form to participate.
  • Most of our sports have a nominal registration fee for participation.
  • There is usually a registration meeting for each sport.
  • Some of our sports facilities are limited and, unfortunately, we may need to limit participation. In cases where limitation is an issue, the following criteria are used to accept registration: (1) Date of registration,and (2) Previous participation.

For general information: please email Louise Anderson at [email protected]

Registration information and links to forms can be found on the RAVES Forms Central page. More information is available on the SOMN website.


Volunteers play a unique and indispensable role for The RAVE.  We are continually looking for volunteers to join our group either on an on-going basis or for a single event. Volunteers support RAVE in a variety of ways, including: coach or lifeguard, raise funds, mentor athletes, help manage the individual sport teams, provide back-up support during competitions, and help with end-of-season events.

To find out more, contact one of our LSMT members and coaches to find out how you can assist in an area that interests you. All volunteers must complete the online Volunteer Application Form on the Special Olympics website. Those wishing to become coaches must go through online training. More information about becoming a RAVE coach can be found on the Coaches webpage.

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